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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Time:11:05 am.
Mood: pissed off.
STOP! Jesus Christ, I'm so sick of all of this! I have 61 comments on that fucking entry, 19 on the one after it, and this morning, I awoke to 57 e-mails, and they were all from you guys! Don't do this on my journal!

Grow up, all of you! I appreciate the few of you who defended me, but enough is enough! Drop it all ready...

I've said it, and I mean it. Cut the shit.
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Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Time:9:32 am.
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Friday, January 20th, 2006

Time:3:54 pm.
Mood: amused.
This is what I do when I'm home alone...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Click to see the fae-girlCollapse )

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Subject:new layout
Time:3:54 pm.
I really, really need a new layout for my lj. If anyone would like to jump to the occasion, please do so! It's doesn't have to be uber amazing or intricate... but I just need one that's not so... old. lol.

please help!
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Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Time:6:10 pm.
Mood: happy.
My cousin and his girlfriend are, officially, the cutest damn things on the planet. XD

I love little freshman kisses!! ^__^

And they're playing their song, too.

I'm gonna die from cuteness overload!
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Subject:Waving in and out of Respitory Ranges
Time:1:47 am.
Mood: time to put away the eyelids.
1:49 AM. It's funny, a night can go so well and then one thing can just piss you off. My father and mother, for instance. They were not home, nor was the little brother, and Adam and I were left to a nice, romantic evening to ourselves. (Romantic, meaning: 4 cans of ravioli, a bag of cheese curls, beef jerkey, and pepsi lime) Around 10, I called the motherly figure to tell her that Adam and I were going to Walmart to pick up the items, and she all ready sounded mentally instable. Which made me think instantly, "Grand. She's driving home..." So, the parental units walked in the door around 12 AM, and both of them found it absolutely necessary to attempt conversation with me. When they are like that, not only do I not want to talk to them, I want to ignore their existance entirely. Just the idea of a beverage imparing common sense that much... it's pure idiocy. Who would bother? I understand, once in a blue moon, if you want to get drunk or something, and you're around responsible people, and you know someone will drive you home. But every weekend, when you're driving, and you're kids are at home? I understand I'm 17 and it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it irritates me to no end. You've all learned from previous rants that my mother could die if she keeps this up. I'm begining to think she just doesn't give a damn.

But hell, what can you do?

I want it to be warmer, and I want to dance around with Lauren and Amy and Sam and Christel under the moonlight... as if we were crazy godesses of the night, and it was to be used at our disposal...

^__^ This could all be fatigue talking.

2 AM, folks.

-Once more sleeping
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Time:1:29 am.
Mood: awake.
your relationship
Your Guy's/Girl's name:Adam
How did you meet?:Youth Group. I bit him on introduction. XD
Are you in love?:Never been moreso in my life, and never will be again.
Impression:O.o;; A guy can actually bend like that?
Date:Well, if you'd call it a date, it was to the movies... and well... it ended on a wet note.
Phone Call Length:God, I don't know.
Thing you noticed that you LOVED:How romtanic he was. And how short, it's just the cutest thing ever.
Thing you noticed that you HATED:Hated? Not possible.
How was the Meet and Greet with the Parents?:My mom loves him, and you know how dads can be. *hears shotgun click*
Favorite Thing To Do:Prolly watch movies and/or listen to music. Or just cuddling. We do just about everything!
Type of Movies You Two Watch:Anything, really. We're big movie people.
Favorite Restaraunt:XD Subway
Best surprise either of you did to one another:Everytime he shows up at my house with a rose, I feel like I want to cry. I don't think I've ever really been able to surprise him, tho.
Favorite Place To Go:Um... I dunno... anywhere we can be together?
Weirdest Thing Done:Hm. Probably that game of truth or dare where he let me dress him up
Favorite Friend of His/Hers:Prolly Dustin. He and I just get along really well.
How long have you been together?:9 months and 24 days
What makes you miss him/her?:Him not being here. The smell of his hair.
Do you smell their clothes?:Yes, all the time.
Do you suddenly smell them at the most random times and places?:Again, all the time. That makes me miss him.
Are you two on the phone constantly?:Not constantly, but he calls me as soon as he leaves my house. ^___^
Have you done the deed?:Yup!
What was the first time like?:Indescribable. Not planned, spontaneous and passionate. And meaningful beyond compare.
Is your sex life good?:I'd say so. ^__^
Favorite place to kiss him/her?:the back of his neck and his shoulders
Favorite place for him/her to kiss you?:My shoulders and lips
Do you like to cuddle?:Heck yes!
What would he/she like as a Special Surprise?:All I have to say is Family Guy Episode
Does he/she bring out the Freak in you?:Fuck yeah! XD lol
Does he/she bring out the Nerd in you?:*nods* Yup
Do you see yourself together 6 months from now?:Yes
A year from now?:Yes
Do you see yourself marrying him/her?:Yes!
Have you talked about your future?:Yes
Do you have children?:Not yet, but we'd like to someday
Do you want to have children?:Again, yes.
Where would you want to live?:Somewhere warm, but not too hot.
Fight a lot?:Nope!
Cry a lot?:I do... but not because of him. Cause I'm a baby.
Hug a lot?:Yeah!
Smile a lot because of him/her?:Every time I see him.
Have sex a lot with him/her?:We make love when the moment is right, it's never just a habbit.
Talk a lot to him/her?:All the time!
Ever got jealous?:All the time
Ever acted stupid because you were jealous?:Kind of, but nothing really out there
Do you love him/her?:How could I not? He's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
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You've been totally Bzoink*d
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Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Time:6:44 pm.
The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but that you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then, post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.
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Subject:not very interesting
Time:4:37 pm.
Mood: listless.
feelin' just.... kinda bleh.

not bad or good. just here, i suppose. the boy is at work, jesse is watching AvP dad is ranting about the garbage disposal. it's a fun time. woot.
jesse is reading over my shoulder, it's really annoying.
ha. i think maybe he got the hint.

we ordered pizza for dinner, and i told mom to get just sausage on one side. jesse got mad. wahaha.

yes, i am evil. you like it. all ya'll need to eat pizza too. and listen to coheed and cambria, because they are like... god in creepy high-vocal form.

now, i will go be a lj whore and comment everyone. toodles.
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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Time:4:41 pm.
Mood: squee!.
It's been a little while, hasn't it? I hope all is well and wonderful for everyone. ^_^
Things at home have been okay lately. Mom and dad wont get off of Jesse's case about school, but I think they're just worried about his future. Dad just doesn't understand the definition of reason or calm. But, what can you do?
I got a silver card-- huzzah! That means I get to skip one mid-term. I think I'm gonna pick government... it's so easy, but it'll be harder than english, and I want to take the English one anyhoo.
Also, an amazing break-through for me: I actually understand what the hell Tesko is talking about in Algebra II!! Go me. =D
Adam and I are doing wonderfully as well. It'll be our 10 month anniversary on the 20th. ^__^ I love that boy! Oh, and he and I actually got to go Scuba diving last night! (It was only in a highschool pool, but who the hell cares!?) We were submerged (Ha! Cool SCUBA language XD) for about 2 hours. It was seriously one of the neatest and fantastic expierences of my life! (so far) Adam even pulled me to the bottom so we were standing, facing eachother, and he took out his mouthpiece and motioned for me to take mine out and he kissed me. ^^;; His uncle swam by with the video camera and got it on tape. And his dad and our instructor did the best they could to laugh at us with the mouth pieces in. It was really funny. Teehee. I'd have to say that Adam is stuck with me for the rest of his life. XD Bwahahaha.
I kind of wonder whether or not mom will let me stay home from school tomorrow. She's having Adam sleep over because she needs someone to let the repair man come in tomorrow, and maybe I'll see if I can just stay home too. I mean, I'm not doing anything important tomorrow. Just review packets for the midterms and whatnot. Though, sadly, I doubt she'll let me stay. Oh well!
I'm off to go take a hot bath and work these sore shoulders out. I have no idea what the heck happened to them.
And to all those people I know and love with knee injuries, GET BETTER!
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Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Time:12:02 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love my kitty. :)
Okay, I don't know if anyone is going to want to read this, so I'll put it in a cut. rantCollapse )
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Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Time:10:42 am.
Some pictures taken with my new camera (All taken by Christel Warren)
Behind the cut, dialup beware!Collapse )
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Sunday, December 25th, 2005

Time:8:16 pm.
6.0 mega pixels
12x optical zoom

I'm gonna die of happiness.

AND an iPod. XD
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Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Time:7:26 pm.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is from last year, but I still like it. ^_^ Happy Christmas/everyotherwinterholiday

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Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Subject:stole this from Adam
Time:9:17 pm.
Mood: calm.
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly! - A Survey of Your Life
* So Basically... *
Name?: Chelsea
Age?: 17
Sex?: female
Birth Date?: October 6, 1988
Hair Color?: Oh God, a reddish orange brown?
Eye Color?: blue/grey
Height?: about 6'0"
Weight?: Ehh, somewhere around 170
Body Type?: Uh... big?
Piercings?: Just my ears, twice. I want a lip ring, tho.
Tattoos?: Eventually
What are you wearing right now?: white t-shirt, black pants
Hair style at the moment?: up?
* Favorites *
Soda?: carbinated
Food?: Lobster... Or steak... or fetuccini...
Drink?: Urm... white grape juice
Alcoholic Drink?: n/a
Time of day?: night
Season?: Early fall and summer (warm weather person)
Day of the week?: Saturday. Well, now... since I'm out of a job. lol
Song at the moment?: Something by shedaisy. I like country, shut up.
Band/Artist?: Just said it. Shedaisy
Subject in school?: English and History
Place in the USA?:Maine
Place outside the USA?:Never been anywhere but Canada...
Color?: Green, Purple, Black, Silver
Style of clothes?: whatever the hell I feel like wearing
Store?: Ones that aren't expensive.
Mall?: Yes?
City?: Mine?
Website?: livejournal, I guess.
Magazine?: Any photography magazine.
Kind of pet?: Loving one. ^__^
* Worst *
Place to be?: My house when dad is drinking
Class in school?: Algebra II and Personal Finance
Time of day?: Day
Season?: Winter. Waaaay too cold.
Kind of pet?: A dinosaur. Where would it go?
Drink?: Alcohol
Food?: Stuffing. Ewwww.
Mall?: Um... I don't know.
Store?: Expensive ones.
Style of clothes?: Uncomfortable ones
Celebrity?: Um... don't really pay attention. George Lucas, I guess.... he's a jerk.
Color?: Orange. I hate orange.
Book?: Animal Farm...
Type of music?: Rap
Website?: don't know
Magazine?: Play Boy
* Daily Life *
When do you get up?: Usually 6 am
What is your first thought?: Dammit...
What do you do first?: take a shower
What's your usual outfit?: whatever I find in my drawer
What's the first class of the day?: Usually Algebra...
When does school end?: 1:56 PM
Do you see your friends?: Yeah
What do you do when you get home?: Usually eat dinner... I have afterschool things.
What time do you go to bed?: 10:30-11ish
* Do you...*:
Brush your teeth daily?: Usually
Brush your hair daily?:Yeah
Shower daily?: sometimes twice
Sing?: Yes, I'm not very good at it. ^^;;
Dance?: lol, in the comfort of my own home.
Party?: I'd like to, without the alcohol.
Get drunk?: Ugh, no.
Have sex?: *smiles*
Read books?: Yup!
Listening to music a lot?: Yessir.
Read magazines?: Occasionally.
Go online a lot?: Yup
Stay on AIM all day even with an away message?: nope
Have a religion?: Kind of
Have an IPod?:I will soon!
Want an IPod?: I am getting one...
Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?:*smiles* Yes.
Play an instrument?: Um.. wooden flute and keyboard kinda?
Get sick a lot?: naw, just colds.
Watch TV?: not really
Like MTV?: not really
Like VH1?: Yes
Like the History Channel?: Yup!
Have Digital Cable?: Nope.
Have more than 500 channels on your TV?: Naw.
Listen to the radio?: When my CD player kicks the bucket, yeah.
Still use your CD player?: sometimes, it's a piece of crap.
Stalk people?: Just my boyfriend.
Have more than 200 buddies on your Buddy List?: nearly
Have dial-up internet?: No, but my computer acts like it.
Have AOL?: Nadda.
Know HTML?: Kind of.
Have a GPA higher than 3.9?: 3.8
Get H's in honors classes?:I was in an honors class... wth is an H?
* Music *
Do you listen to Rap?:NEVER
R & B?: NO
Blues and/or Jazz?: I don't get to hear enough.
Classical?: Love it.
Pop?: NO.
Country?: HECK YES! ^^;;
Emo/Scremo?: YEAAAAH!!!
Heavy Metal?: sfuck no.
Christian?: Some is okay.
Reggae?: Yeah, some of it rocks!
Broadway Musical songs?: I LOVE THEM!!
Oldies?: Eh.
* In A Boyfriend/Girlfriend *
Hair color?: darker, usually.
Eye color?: I love green
Tattoos?: whatever they want
Piercings?: same as above
Favorite Music?: um... if they're rapheads it wont work. lol
Style of clothing?: what makes them happy is okay with me.
Body Type?: um... living?
Personality or Looks?: Duh. I'm not shallow.
Would you go out with someone just for their money?: God no, I'd never live with the guilt.
Do you go on "Pity Dates"?: I don't really go on dates. lol.
Does size matter?: *laughs* No!!
Do they have to be popular?: Fuck no, am I?
Does the guy ask the girl or the other way around?: However it works out. Sometimes, no one asks anything at all. :)
Where do you go on the first date?: somewhere nice
Kiss on the first date?: maybe?
Sex on the first date?: No way.
* Right Now *
Do you think you look good right now?: Actually, for the first time in days, I do.
Are you eating something?: Nadda.
Are you drinking something?: Nope.
Are you IMing anyone?: Nosir.
Are you talking on the phone with someone?: Nope. Nice and peaceful.
Are you talking face to face with someone?: Nope.
Is anyone at your house who doesn't live there?: Nadda.
What song are you listening to?: Mess, by Nickel Creek
What are you watching on TV?: Nothing
What other websites do you have open?: Nothing
Why are you taking this survey?: Taking up time
Where are you going to post it?:In my journal
What are you going to do after this?: Maybe sit down for a while and read.
* What do you Believe? *
Do you believe in ghosts?: Yup
The afterlife?: Yes
Aliens?: Maybe
God?: I believe in a God
The devil?: We are our own devils.
Heaven?: Nope.
Hell?: Nope.
Scientology?: Some aspects yes, my cousin is a scientologist.
Hinduism?: sure
Buddhism?: okay!
Christianity?: gave up on that bullshit. but hey, if it works for you, power to you. =)
Taoism?: never heard of it!
Judism?: wsure!
Jesus?: I believe the man existed. Though, his achievments may have been exaggerated. (thinks about Family Guy episode)
Nothing?: Peas?
Reincarnation?: Yes.
Yourself?: I try.

* Randoms *
Have you been on an airplane before?: Nope!
Where were you going?: n/a
Have you been to another country?: Canada
Have you ever went to another country with your friends?: no, sadly.
Have you ever partied in another country?: Nadda.
Have you ever went on a roadtrip with your friends?: Nope!
Ever stayed online more than 10 hours straight?: I don't think so.
Pretended to like someone just to get popular?: Nadda. That's pathetic.
Talked about someone behind their back?: Who hasn't?
Had someone talk about you behind your back?: I'm sure.
Been in a fight online?: Too many.
Been in a fight face to face?: Yessir.
Gotten yourself involved in a fight that wasn't about you?: Yeah, I have that tendancy...
Been called a bitch?: Yes
Been called a slut/whore?: Yes
Been to Australia?: I want to!
Do you like snakes?: Yeah, they're awesome!
Ever cried to get your own way?: Yes, yes I have.
Ever broken a bone?: My big toe in 1st grade.
Ever had to stay in the hospital for more than a week?: when I was a baby, I had phenomonia. I almost died.
Ever had serious surgery?: Nope!
Ever looked a porn online?: Not purposely
Ever went to one of those "adult" stores?:lol, Ddoes Spencer's count?
Ever bought clothes at Walmart?: Yuppers
Ever gotten clothes from the Salvation Army?: Yessums
Ever paid more than 100 dollars for a pair of jeans?: God no.
Ever been on stage for any reason?: Yeah!
Ever been in a play?: tons!
Ever been in a choir?: Yup!
Ever been in a band?: Um... kinda.
Do you play, or used to play, an instrument?: Used to, and kinda do.
Gotten a Brazilian Bikini Wax?: A what?
Waxed your eyebrows?: No.
Waxed your legs?: Nope.
Cut yourself shaving?: My legs, yessums.
Have you ever died?: Almost!
Was this survey an good at all?: It was all right.
What time is it right now?: 9:44
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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Time:6:27 pm.
Xenia, I sympathize.

But I do have one nice thing to say.
After a night of crying because all your father can say is how much of a failure you are, a kiss and a rose tend to make all of that just disappear. (Even though you weren't supposed to see the person who gave them to you)

But I guess that just makes them even more special. Thank you, Adam. I love you so much.
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Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Time:3:08 am.
Mood: no me gusta.
I just woke up from this terrible nightmare. Adam's mom died and he came to pick me up from the school and wouldn't let me touch him. He kept saying that I didn't really want to hold on to him butthat I was only doing it out of pity. And he kept saying things like "You don't want to be with me" and "maybe this wont work..."

and I'm trying to go back to sleep, but I don't like dreams like that...

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Time:11:41 am.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One more. Christel took these a while ago... I'm just having fun playing around. ^^;;
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Time:11:38 am.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

She enhanced this one too... I WANT HAIR THAT RED!!

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Time:11:37 am.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Christel did this... I wish my hair were really that red... ^^;;

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