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I love my kitty. :)
Okay, I don't know if anyone is going to want to read this, so I'll put it in a cut.

Okay. Last night, dad invited all of these people to the house and started to drink. A lot. (Gee, shocker?) And I start to smell all the cigarette smoke come upstairs, and I finally get picked up by Adam, (I got to stay at his house last night because I just didn't want to be here) and I reek of the shit. His parents took my clothes and threw them in the wash. Anyhoo, I was so excited to be at his house. (His parents let us sleep together downstairs in his livingroom) and it was just wonderful falling asleep in his arms.
But then I come home this morning, and first thing? A huge inhale of cigarette smelling house. I ran upstairs and took a shower, and mom walked out of her room (it's right next to the bathroom) and I told her the house smelled. She started crying saying that she had to take all the shit from my dad and now from me too. I guess dad called her a whore last night cause she was in the bathroom and his friend was talking to her through the bathroom door and dad came upstairs and saw her pushing him out of the way.

WHY ARE THEY FUCKING TOGETHER IF THEY HATE EACHOTHER SO MUCH!? Jesus, it isn't rocket science! Dad is an asshole, we all know it. I hate him, he's a sperm doner, that's it. *sigh* I'm glad I don't have to be here tonight either. I'm just so sick of it all. When I turn 18, I'm moving in with Adam's family. I have the okay and everything.
I'm just so sick and tired of my parents trying to lie to me about the fact that they've both got hangovers. I mean, why doesn't mom just drink radiator fluid? It's just as bad for her as the alcohol is because HER LIVER IS GOING TO FAIL. But God, Heaven forbid that she gives a damn about the fact that I love her!!
I just... I give up. What's the use in fighting a never-ending battle?

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