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It's been a little while, hasn't it? I hope all is well and wonderful for everyone. ^_^
Things at home have been okay lately. Mom and dad wont get off of Jesse's case about school, but I think they're just worried about his future. Dad just doesn't understand the definition of reason or calm. But, what can you do?
I got a silver card-- huzzah! That means I get to skip one mid-term. I think I'm gonna pick government... it's so easy, but it'll be harder than english, and I want to take the English one anyhoo.
Also, an amazing break-through for me: I actually understand what the hell Tesko is talking about in Algebra II!! Go me. =D
Adam and I are doing wonderfully as well. It'll be our 10 month anniversary on the 20th. ^__^ I love that boy! Oh, and he and I actually got to go Scuba diving last night! (It was only in a highschool pool, but who the hell cares!?) We were submerged (Ha! Cool SCUBA language XD) for about 2 hours. It was seriously one of the neatest and fantastic expierences of my life! (so far) Adam even pulled me to the bottom so we were standing, facing eachother, and he took out his mouthpiece and motioned for me to take mine out and he kissed me. ^^;; His uncle swam by with the video camera and got it on tape. And his dad and our instructor did the best they could to laugh at us with the mouth pieces in. It was really funny. Teehee. I'd have to say that Adam is stuck with me for the rest of his life. XD Bwahahaha.
I kind of wonder whether or not mom will let me stay home from school tomorrow. She's having Adam sleep over because she needs someone to let the repair man come in tomorrow, and maybe I'll see if I can just stay home too. I mean, I'm not doing anything important tomorrow. Just review packets for the midterms and whatnot. Though, sadly, I doubt she'll let me stay. Oh well!
I'm off to go take a hot bath and work these sore shoulders out. I have no idea what the heck happened to them.
And to all those people I know and love with knee injuries, GET BETTER!
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