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your relationship
Your Guy's/Girl's name:Adam
How did you meet?:Youth Group. I bit him on introduction. XD
Are you in love?:Never been moreso in my life, and never will be again.
Impression:O.o;; A guy can actually bend like that?
Date:Well, if you'd call it a date, it was to the movies... and well... it ended on a wet note.
Phone Call Length:God, I don't know.
Thing you noticed that you LOVED:How romtanic he was. And how short, it's just the cutest thing ever.
Thing you noticed that you HATED:Hated? Not possible.
How was the Meet and Greet with the Parents?:My mom loves him, and you know how dads can be. *hears shotgun click*
Favorite Thing To Do:Prolly watch movies and/or listen to music. Or just cuddling. We do just about everything!
Type of Movies You Two Watch:Anything, really. We're big movie people.
Favorite Restaraunt:XD Subway
Best surprise either of you did to one another:Everytime he shows up at my house with a rose, I feel like I want to cry. I don't think I've ever really been able to surprise him, tho.
Favorite Place To Go:Um... I dunno... anywhere we can be together?
Weirdest Thing Done:Hm. Probably that game of truth or dare where he let me dress him up
Favorite Friend of His/Hers:Prolly Dustin. He and I just get along really well.
How long have you been together?:9 months and 24 days
What makes you miss him/her?:Him not being here. The smell of his hair.
Do you smell their clothes?:Yes, all the time.
Do you suddenly smell them at the most random times and places?:Again, all the time. That makes me miss him.
Are you two on the phone constantly?:Not constantly, but he calls me as soon as he leaves my house. ^___^
Have you done the deed?:Yup!
What was the first time like?:Indescribable. Not planned, spontaneous and passionate. And meaningful beyond compare.
Is your sex life good?:I'd say so. ^__^
Favorite place to kiss him/her?:the back of his neck and his shoulders
Favorite place for him/her to kiss you?:My shoulders and lips
Do you like to cuddle?:Heck yes!
What would he/she like as a Special Surprise?:All I have to say is Family Guy Episode
Does he/she bring out the Freak in you?:Fuck yeah! XD lol
Does he/she bring out the Nerd in you?:*nods* Yup
Do you see yourself together 6 months from now?:Yes
A year from now?:Yes
Do you see yourself marrying him/her?:Yes!
Have you talked about your future?:Yes
Do you have children?:Not yet, but we'd like to someday
Do you want to have children?:Again, yes.
Where would you want to live?:Somewhere warm, but not too hot.
Fight a lot?:Nope!
Cry a lot?:I do... but not because of him. Cause I'm a baby.
Hug a lot?:Yeah!
Smile a lot because of him/her?:Every time I see him.
Have sex a lot with him/her?:We make love when the moment is right, it's never just a habbit.
Talk a lot to him/her?:All the time!
Ever got jealous?:All the time
Ever acted stupid because you were jealous?:Kind of, but nothing really out there
Do you love him/her?:How could I not? He's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
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