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Waving in and out of Respitory Ranges

1:49 AM. It's funny, a night can go so well and then one thing can just piss you off. My father and mother, for instance. They were not home, nor was the little brother, and Adam and I were left to a nice, romantic evening to ourselves. (Romantic, meaning: 4 cans of ravioli, a bag of cheese curls, beef jerkey, and pepsi lime) Around 10, I called the motherly figure to tell her that Adam and I were going to Walmart to pick up the items, and she all ready sounded mentally instable. Which made me think instantly, "Grand. She's driving home..." So, the parental units walked in the door around 12 AM, and both of them found it absolutely necessary to attempt conversation with me. When they are like that, not only do I not want to talk to them, I want to ignore their existance entirely. Just the idea of a beverage imparing common sense that much... it's pure idiocy. Who would bother? I understand, once in a blue moon, if you want to get drunk or something, and you're around responsible people, and you know someone will drive you home. But every weekend, when you're driving, and you're kids are at home? I understand I'm 17 and it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it irritates me to no end. You've all learned from previous rants that my mother could die if she keeps this up. I'm begining to think she just doesn't give a damn.

But hell, what can you do?

I want it to be warmer, and I want to dance around with Lauren and Amy and Sam and Christel under the moonlight... as if we were crazy godesses of the night, and it was to be used at our disposal...

^__^ This could all be fatigue talking.

2 AM, folks.

-Once more sleeping
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